Manuel Reyes 1974, Plaza de Potro 2, Cordoba

This is a very special guitar of very light wood and construction, but has a very mature rich sound, which is good all the way from strong treble to rich bass.  Made by Manuel Reyes senior who retired in 2011 and died in 2014.

This type of guitar is popular with professional plays and preferred by Vicente Amigo who is from Cordoba.  With limited production there was a waiting list of up to 15 years for these guitars.

Manuel Reyes is a flamenco guitar but it has a depth of tone that also sounds good for classical and other styles.  It has a very strong dynamic range and sounds good when played both soft and hard.

This is an old guitar with traditional tuning pegs.  It should be kept humid to avoid drying out further (Shanghai is humid enough).

There are many descriptions of this type of guitar on the internet, it is like thie one:

The soundboard is of Silver Fir (Latin Abies Alba, Spanish pino-abeto). The wood is strong, lightweight, light-colored, fine grained, even-textured and long fibered. The sides and bottom are of cypress.

Hermanos Conde 2004, Gravina 7, Madrid Rosewood Limited Edition signed by Paco de Lucia on the makers’ label.


This original Hermanos Conde 2004 guitar was a limited edition made with Brazilian rosewood back and sides and signed by Paco de Lucia.
This rosewood is not readily available today and gives a rich sound for any type of music.

The original Calle Gravina shop closed in 2015 and the successor shop is now this one in Calle Atocha, Madrid:

The most similar model new guitar from the new Conde Hermanos shop would be like this (10,600EUR+VAT):

Conde Hermanos 2007, Felipe 2, Madrid, model EF4



This is the shop of brothers Felipe and Mariano Conde which split in 2010 to separate studios Mariano Conde, at Amnistía 1 and Felipe Conde at C/ Arrieta 4, both a short walk from the original Madrid shop.

This guitar has a bright sound which is very much appreciated by flamenco guitarists, for example for playing with dancers.

This model is still made by Mariano Conde, new it is 3,300EUR+VAT.

The construction is similar to the more expensive guitars but the back is made of three pieces.


– One internal strut split and was previously reglued once by Felipe Conde in 2010, this now needs regluing again to make the guitar perfect.

– Like many flamenco guitars, this guitar benefits from high tension strings, since the bridge is very low to allow for faster playing. The lower notes may buzz if used with low tension strings.